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I'm here

Since I started my research and project 'The yellow is following me'  in 2019, I use a yellow dot as a profile picture on my social media accounts. People started to recognize the yellow dot as part of me and who I am.


I wondered what it meant to use the yellow dot as part of my identity in real life and put yellow stickers at places I've been and onto objects I feel connected to. 

A friend who has studied drawing therapy told me that when children draw circles for the first time, it means that they become aware of their own 'self'

The circle is also universal symbol. It has no beginning and no end. It represents the the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement. Which for me refers to my research into our sun, yellow, light and stellar nucleosynthesis. 


Everything you put on the internet can't really be deleted, but how long will it take before other people remove my yellow dots?

Each photo has its own title: the specific coordinates of the place where I placed the sticker and took the photo. You can enter this into Google to see where the spot is located.

'I am here' plays with identity, leaving traces in the digital age,  and explores how the 'I' has meaning I a crowded world.

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